Thursday, 12 September 2013

How to add Scan button in Word Application.??


How to add Scan button in Word Application.??


To add a Scan button into Microsoft Word 2007:
Click the Office icon in the top left.
Click Word Options
Tick the box labelled Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon
Click OK.
Click on the new Developer tab in the Ribbon
Click Macros
Type something in the top box and click Create
Delete everything in the new box that pops up and paste in the following:

Sub InsertFromScanner()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Click File, then Save Normal, then close the Visual Basic Window.
Click the Office icon.
Click Word Options.
Untick the Show Developer Tab button.
Click Customize.
In the drop down Choose Commands box and select Macros.
Select Normal.NewMacros.InsertFromScanner.
Click Add.
Click OK. You should now have a new icon on the Quick Access Toolbar for Scanning.