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Cannot play video from YouTube through PowerPoint 2013.


Cannot play video from YouTube through PowerPoint 2013


PowerPoint. Insert Video From Website Suddenly Will Not Play UPDATE

You have sucessfully inserted a video from Website in PowerPoint 2010 but suddenly the video doesn't play.

If you try to preview it (RIGHT click in edit mode > Preview) you get a message to install a later version of Flash Player. Problem is you already have the latest version!

Good News - It might be possible to fix this

You Tube have moved the goalposts at least twice since the original fix we posted. This fix seems to work in 2010 Office at the moment and in some versions of 2013. We have no idea when the goalposts will move again though.

Typical Insert

Lets look at some typical insert code, yours may be different. Note how the version appears twice.

Notice that version=3 appears twice and the URL starts with // (TWICE).

Change version=3 to version=2 in both places and add http: before the URL as below.

Hopefully it will now play!

We now have both a FREE AddIn that (at the moment!) can deduce the correct embed code from the URL of the You Tube AND automate the old 2007 insert Shockwave method which will usually work in 2010 / 2013


Looks like Microsoft have removed the embed code feature in 2013 altogether. presumeably while they work on a fix. The OLD INSERT still seems to work with the free addin and if you have access to 2010 inserting (using the code generator in the addin) seems to work and the saved file plays for us in 2013.


Save and Run this add in

Download the url from youtube and Play in your Presentation..

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