Thursday, 12 September 2013

Internet Explorer has stopped working (Fault Module Name: nvumdshim.dll)


When using Internet Explorer 9, you keep getting an error message stating “Internet Explorer has stopped working”. Additional information states that the Fault Module Name is nvumdshim.dll.

This is caused by a problem with the NVIDIA software which (at the time of writing) is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer 9.

Try updating your graphics card drivers first. Then if the problem persists, try the following:
Click the Start button.
Type “nvidia” but don’t press Enter.
In the list of programs that comes up click on “NVIDIA Control Panel”
On the left, click on 3D Settings.
On the right, click the “Program Settings” tab.
Find where it says “1. Select a program to continue” and click on the dropbox box below it, selecting “Microsoft Internet Explorer”.
Click on the dropdown box below it and select the “Integrated graphics” option.
Click the Apply button at the bottom.