Friday, 20 September 2013

Office 2013 Error "Microsoft Word has stopped working".


Office 2013 Error "Microsoft Word has stopped working".


This issue could in office 2013.

1.) Abby Fine Reader
2.) Graphic Card Driver.
3) Any Third Party Addin.


Method 1:
1) Look for Abbyy Fine reader in control panel.
2)Remove it from the program list.
3)Restart the computer and check the status.
If you are not able to remove it update the latest Update for Abbyy Fine Reader from their website.

Method 2:
1) Try to disable Graphic adapter from Device manager
Locate Device Manager:
Right Click on My computer-->Properties -->Device Manager.
2) Open office application.
3)Check the status.

Method 3:
1)Open any office application.
2)Open file-->options--Advance.
3)Disable Hardware Acceleration.

Method 4:

1)Open Event Viewer by Run Window(Crtl+R)
2) Type eventvwr.msc and look for the office error.
3) Look for faulting module and rename the file from the file location.
4) Open office application and check the status.