Friday, 20 September 2013

Outlook 2013 crashing on startup.


Outlook 2013 crashing on startup.

There could be more than one reason for this issue.
a) Outlook can  crash due a faulty Addin like(Security Addin,Blue-tooth Addin) Etc.
b)Outlook can crash because of any hardware Conflicts like Display Driver.
c)Outlook can crash because of damage Email in web mail server.
d)Outlook can crash if it is running in Compatibility Mode.


Option 1:
1) Open Even Viewer from Run->Eventvwr.msc->Faulting Module.
2) Disable all Addin from File-->Options-->Addins->Uncheck all.
3)Reopen Outlook from start Menu.

Option 2:
1)Open File-->options-->Advanced-->Disable Hardware Acceleration

2)Open outlook from start menu.

Options 3:
If you are using Pop Account in outlook.

1) Delete the Current profile by looking in Control panel -> Mail ->Delete the profile.
Before delete the profile make sure you have the account settings for your email address.
2) Create a new profile and configure the email address again.
3)Add your old Outlook data file in new profile to get your old email.
If it will not fix the issue
1)Log into your web Mail Server and move all of your email into a temp folder.
2)Delete the profile from control panel.
3) Create a new profile and configure the email address again.

Options 4:
If your outlook is running in compatibility mode change it to normal mode by following steps.
1) Open c:\program Files(x86)\ Office 2015 \ Root \ 

2) Look for outlook.exe.
3) Right click and select Properties.
4) Click on Compatibility tab on top and un-check all the boxes.
5)Open the outlook program.

If nothing will work you can also Repair your office(Online) from control panel.