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Sync Outlook calendar with iCloud ?

Q. Sync Outlook calendar with iCloud ??

In order to use iCloud service with Outlook 2007/Outlook 2010 Please follow the following suggestions:

Download the iCloud Control Panel from:

Turn on iCloud:
 From the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel > Network and Internet > iCloud.

Enter the Apple ID you used to create your iCloud account and select the iCloud services you’d like to enable.

Outlook 2007 or 2010 is required for accessing iCloud email, contacts, and calendars. Safari 5.1.1 or Internet Explorer 8 or later is required for accessing bookmarks.


Enable automatic downloads.
 To enable automatic downloads for your music, apps, and books, open iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Store and select Music, Apps, and Books. (Requires iTunes 10.5.)

Please refer the pictures for more information.


In case after setting iCloud control panel in Windows if iCloud does not work with Outlook the please perform following troubleshooting steps:

- Close Outlook
- From Windows Control Panel - Uninstall the MobileMe and iCloud apps
- Restart the system
- Go to Apple web site - Download and re-install iCloud control panel
- Open iCloud control panel and configure iCloud to sync Mail, Calendar, Contacts.
- Open Outlook, iCloud downloaded Contact and Calendar info.
- Please refer the article:

In case if above troubleshooting steps with iCloud does not work then please refer the customer to Apple tech support as it is a best effort support we provide to the customer for Apple devices. Please get in touch with your E2E as well in order to seek more help on such issues.

Syncing Outlook 2010 and Window Phone 7

Educate the customer that it is a best effort support and he may need to get in touch with his Phone Manufacturer  in case if the issue does not get resolved at the end of the call.

Syncing your Windows Phone with Outlook 2010 is as easy as creating a Hotmail account and letting the “cloud” deliver your mail, and appointments to your Windows Phone. But before you’re up and running you will need to stall Microsoft’s “Outlook Connector” software, available here:

After installing the connector for Hotmail/Live, now you simply just need to add the account to Outlook 2010. Basically these are the steps needed to add the account and move on to have your mail and calendar sync to your Windows Phone.

1. You can add an account in Outlook by clicking “File,” the “Info” tab (if not already selected,) then clicking “+ Add Account”. Enter your information in the box that appears and click finish.
2. Once the new live account is created its time to move your current contacts and calendar information into the new account. Go into Outlook Contact’s view and select all your contacts (Ctrl + A, will select all of the quick and easy.)
3. Now select Move > Copy to Folder (you could also select “Other Folder,” but this would move the contacts rather than copy them.  By copying them, we’re leaving a copy in the original folder in case something goes wrong.
4. In the pop-up dialog box, expand your Hotmail/Live then select the Contacts folder under it and click “OK”.
5. You can view the folder by selecting it in the left hand pane to verify your contacts were copied. Your Contacts will now sync to the Live/Hotmail account you created. And will be available in the Live web interface, the Windows Live Mail clients, or Windows Phones.  Copying your Outlook Calendar data is pretty much the same, but requires an extra step to insure we get all of the Calendar information.
6. Switch to your Calendar, and then select File > Change View > List View to show all of your Calendar items in a single list.
7. Now, select all your calendar events.
8. Remember to Copy them with Move > Copy to Folder.
9. Select your Calendar folder under the Hotmail/Live Account, then click “Ok.
10. Just like you checked your contacts after you copied them do the same in step 5 above to see that your calendar events have been copied.
Now that everything is setup the way you want it to be and it is all syncing correctly and in order you can now make the Live folders the Default Personal folders in Outlook, so that they are pre-selected each time you start Outlook. (Optional – some choose this option some don’t)

1. Select File > Info > Account Settings,
2. Then, in the “Account Settings” pop-up box, select the Data Files tab, your Live account, and then “Set as Default”
3. A dialog box will pop-up warning that you are changing the default folders.  Select “OK” and restart Outlook.

Now create your Windows Live account on your Windows Phone and your email and contacts should begin to show up!

If you have Outlook installed on other PCs, like your laptop or netbook, install the Outlook Connector and sign in to the Live account with those PCs, and your Outlook data will sync between all of your connected PCs and devices.  If they don’t have Outlook, you can download the free Windows Live Mail software for those PCs instead, and access your Outlook data on them. 

In case if above troubleshooting steps does not work with Windows Phone 7 then please refer the customer to his Phone Manufacturer as it is a best effort support we provide to the customer for Windows Phone 7 devices. Please get in touch with your E2E as well in order to seek more help on such issues.

Missing ActiveSync? How To Sync and Import Contacts Into Windows Phone 7 From Outlook Using Windows Live Hotmail As A Bridge

Step 1 – Export To .CSV
Getting your contacts out of Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 and into a .cvs works as follows:

1. In Outlook, on the File menu, click Import and Export.
2. Click Export to a file, and then click Next.
3. Click Comma Separated Values (Windows), and then click Next.
4. In the folder list, click the Contacts folder, and then click Next.
5. Browse to the folder where you want to save the contacts as a .csv file.
6. Type a name for the exported file, and then click OK.
7. Click Next.
8. Click Finish.
In Outlook 2010, it is a little more buried:

1. Click the File tab.
2. Click Options.
3. Click Advanced.


1.             Under Export, click Export.


1. In the Import and Export Wizard, click Export to a file, and then click Next.
2. Under Create a file of type, click the type of export that you want, and then click Next. The most common is Comma Separated Values (Windows), also known as a CSV file.
Step 2 – Import to Windows Live Hotmail
1. Sign into Windows Live Hotmail.
2. Click Contacts.
3. Click Manage/Import
4. Navigate to the .csv
You’re done!  To force your Windows phone to sync, go to settings, Email and Accounts and then press and hold the Windows Live account. It will display an option to Sync.

Unfortunately, Hotmail doesn’t allow you to do a bulk import of appointments. It wasn’t too painful to export each one individually and then import it into the Hotmail/Windows Live calendar.

Step 1:  Export to .ICS
1. Open the appointment that you want to export.
2. Click “Save As” and make sure you are saving in the iCalendar format

Step 2:  Import to Windows Live Hotmail
1. Sign into Window Live Hotmail
2. Click Calendar
3. Click Subscribe (which turns out to be Subscribe/Import”)
4. Change the radio button to Import. Also be sure to change the radio button to import into an existing calendar. One gotcha to watch out for is that, when you import an appointment into the Hotmail/Windows Live calendar, it tries to create a new calendar very annoying. You have to manually change the dropdown to your default calendar:

Unfortunately you’ll have to do this for each appointment you want to get into your Windows Phone.

Again, to force your Windows phone to sync, go to settings, Email and Accounts and then press and hold the Windows Live account. It will display an option to Sync.

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