Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cannot print from office 2013 application.


Cannot print from office 2013 application.


1. open control panel and click on default programs or just search for default programs.

2. Make sure that word application should be there in the list.

3. if the application is not there and you can see other like excel,powerpoint.

4. Try to add word application in the list.

5. Right click on winword.exe(c:\program files(x86)\office 15\root\office 15\).

6. Select properties at bottom and make sure there should not be any box checked.

7.Try to make xps as a default printer from priter list.

8. Open services.msc in Run Window and restart print spooler service.

Or otherwise uninstall the whole office app on your computer and reinstall it again.!!